15 Home Accessories, Inspired by the Dutch Autumn & Indian Diwali festival

November 01, 2016

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As you may know by now, I am Dutch by birth, Indian by heritage and so is my business. And that contrast, but also similarities (yes, you may be surprised), is what inspires me. There is a reason I say, bringing together YOUR style, DUTCH gezelligheid and contemporary design from INDIA.


Have a look at this mood board. These are photos I have taken in the last week or so. Autumn colours in my neighbourhood, in Amsterdam, and the colours from my decoration and food at home for Diwali. Contrasting? Maybe, but what I see is one picture, creating the style and feel that I love. 

Beautiful shades of green, yellow, orange and a hint of pink and red. Earthen pots. The Autumn sun. Flowers. 

Chutney Moodboard Home Decoration Colours for your Interiors Inspiration Dutch Autumn & Indian Diwali


The Collection

Inspired by these colours and contrast, I handpicked 15 home accessories from my product range of cushions, lamps, mugs and chai glasses that you can mix-and-match to create your look and bring the Dutch autumn and Indian Diwali colours to your home or add to your living room design. From luxuriously handmade (No-Mad 97% India), to handmade and sustainable (Sahil & Sarthak), to bright, funky products inspired by the modern and traditional India (India Circus).


Click on any of the products to read more about them and buy it.

Discover your Style

When it gets to home decoration, it's all about creating your own style.
So tell me:
  • Which of these would you combine together?
  • What flavour would you name the look you decided it on - sweet, savoury or spicy?
Leave your thoughts and comments below. Would love to feature your ideas in one of my next blogs and/or social media. 

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