Chutney Recommends

May 18, 2017

Chutney Recommends

Here is a book that I would like to highly recommend:

SĀR, The Essence of Indian Design. 

Once I saw this book online, I just had to get it! Want to know more about the history of Indian design? Or just want inspiration? This is the book to read. It's a visual exploration and explosion. A treat to read or just browse. 

"It takes the readers on a journey across this diverse country, discovering everyday Indian objects from antiquity to present day."

SĀR showcases objects throughout the years to modern day products, categorised by various topics - decorating, eating & drinking, wearing, holding, etc. The book explores the elements that make Indian design special. It does not follow a timeline or focus on designers, many of whom are unknown.

"This book separates the objects into abstract categories anchored by Hindi words chosen to illuminate how each object fits into the lives of Indians."

So a lot of these products are utility based, what some people may not even have termed as design. But it is! And completely representative of India. 

Though I am born and raised in The Netherlands, I grew up with Indian culture, and travelling back to India often, to my maternal Grandmother's home. A lot of the objects bring back memories. At the same time, it is great to see how some of them are given a new lease of life and incorporated by Indian designers today. 

" An exploration of the timeless, richly coloured beauty of Indian design through 200 classic objects – a visual feast, beautifully illustrated with one photograph per object."

Chutney Loves...

Apart from what I have already mentioned, I feel this is a true representation of Indian design, decor, crafts and products. And different! A completely 360 degree view of the evolution of Indian design and opens your world to what it really is. 

Definitely a book to add to your collection! Love to hear what you think of it. Leave comments below and join the conversation.

 Sources: Photos taken by Chutney of the book bought. Quotes are from the book and/or publisher's website

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