The Essence of the No-Mad Green Collection

July 27, 2017

Get inspired about bright, colourful & natural green cushion covers, designed & handmade in India. The platform for new, unique, contemporary design from India, for your living room, home decor & interiors.

The No-Mad green collection is bright, young and sparkling. It gives a burst of life in your homes. 

A colour associated with "joy, generosity, kindness and birth".

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Just like the green primordial waters that gave life. A representation of the Hindu God, Vishnu, the carrier of the world; his second avatar, known as Kurma, was a turtle. A fruitful colour, a tone that brings serenity and creativity. It is inseparable from nature, its strength and its beauties.

These are the virtues that No-Mad has printed in its creations. No-Mad India has chosen a

"light and intense green, bursting with youth as could be a bud in the spring, like a juicy apple. It is tender and warm. Nor totally hot nor completely cold. It symbolises the vital energy, that energy that animates NoMad throughout its creations."


At No-Mad, they enjoy living the slow life, close to nature, at home or wandering and exploring new places. Surrounded by objects they love, be it handmade textiles or comfortable furniture. A nice book (see Chutney Recommends) with some nice freshly brewed tea and homemade food always in harmony with the season. Almost like a daydream. What else could one ask for? The green collection is a perfect colour to bring the nature, or outdoors, home. 


No-Mad is an Indian Lifestyle brand, based on the craftsmanship and heritage of India. No-Mad, is the beginning of a journey, a journey full of passion and ideas towards building a SLOW Lifestyle brand across diverse product categories. Its concept is centred around “Daydream”, an inner journey. A return to sources and traditions. In India we live near the floor, we like to sit cross-legged, rest on a charpaï. Surrounded by textiles, enjoying a cup of good tea and escape to the delicious strolling areas, dreams, wellness… We take time to live and to listen to ourselves. A new kind of luxury. And, it merges influences - 97% Indian, 3% elsewhere. 

You can shop No-Mad's unique, handmade, cushion covers here at Chutney.


There are 3 key designs that Chutney has of the No-Mad collection. These are contemporary and unique Indian designs, but base are always the tradition and heritage.

Chowkad cushion cover green

The Chowkad cushion cover, is a contemporary tartan paint brush strokes print, handscreen printed by artisans in India. It is one of the signature prints of the NO-MAD brand. 

Isayu cushion cover green

This cushion cover is inspired by traditional Moroccan fez motifs, handscreen printed to make a trellis and are complimented with a grid of Indian 'Chawal Taka' or rice stitches, by artisans in India. A true merging of influences.

Gunjan cushion cover green

Each of these cushion covers are completed with a string closure, or Dori, inspired by the traditional Patwa technique. This was originally used to make jewelery. Read more here.

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Source: Information and photos have been provided by No-Mad 97% India. One of the brands available ast Chutney. Text has been taken and adapted from their blogs.

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