The Making of: The Pintuck Pendant Drop Lamp

July 05, 2017

The Making of the Pintuck Pendant Drop Lamp. New, Contemporary, Unique design from India for your sofa, living room design, home decor & other interiors.

This lamp has truly been an eyecatcher with many questions on how it is made. The Pintuck lamp is a pendant drop lamp hand crafted in brass and accentuated by folds inspired by the Pintuck technique used on fabrics. So for all of you who are interested, here is the making of the Pintuck Pendant Drop Lamp, by our design duo Sahil & Sarthak

What is Pintuck?

A pintuck is: a very narrow ornamental tuck in a garment.  (Source: It looks something like this (but comes in many different patterns):

Source: Thinking Closet

The Making of the Lamp

Maybe a little technical, but the Chasing and Repoussé technique has been used to achieve the folds and curves. This lamp is handmade and therefore the perfect example of Indian craftsmanship. 

Repoussé, literally 'pushed back' in French, is a metal working technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a raised design in low relief on the front. Repoussé techniques utilise the plasticity of metal, forming shapes by degrees on a continuous surface of sheet metal of essentially the same thickness. The process is relatively slow, but a maximum of form is achieved without the loss of any metal. So handmade and minimal to no wastage of the material. It can also be referred to as embossing.

The opposite of repoussé is called chasing, which is essentially done from the front of the work by sinking the metal. Very often the two are used in conjunction to finish the design.

On an object crafted with repoussé, direct contact of the tools used is visible in the end-product, while evidence of the working method is eliminated in other metal craft techniques. This adds a unique touch to the lamps. 

The making of the Pintuck pendant drop lamps, handcrafted by Indian artisans. New, unique, contemporary design from India.

The End Result

See the craftsmanship for yourself. 

The Pintuck Lamp

This pendant drop lamp is available in 4 colours - Brass, Green Patina, Dark Copper and Copper. Click the images to explore more and to add to your basket! 

The Flavour of Indian Design

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