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September 12, 2016

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If you are clicking this post, you have made your way to Chutney's first post. It's a blog, a magazine, a diary. Whatever you want to call it. Follow it for all things Chutney, and discover the flavour of Indian design. 

I am not really a writer, but this venture is so personal, not writing about it wouldn't do it justice. I won't rehash my story. Just head over to Our Story.

Every brand and product that is featured is curated by me, with love and a lot of thought. I am proud to feature them on my website. You will find a mix of colours, styles and design. You will find products which are very approachable and affordable and others which are intricately handmade by artisans in villages. Some of these are also sustainable. And yes, this affects the price. 

For my first collection I chose brands that all represent contemporary Indian design, but are so different from each other, that they truly capture the versatility that exists in India today. They are Indian, but then they are not. And every one of them I can see in a home here in Europe and beyond. You can choose to stay within a brand and combine their products or mix-and-match the 3 brands (see shop the look for inspiration). They work so well together. But they are also easy to combine with pieces you already have in your home.


India Circus

Shop India Circus

Loud, bold and beautiful. All of the contradictions (to the outside world at least) that make up India, is brought together in this brand. Combine them with each other for the bold all-India palette, or style them up with one of the other brands to change the tone.

"With an All-Indian palette, we draw our inspiration from both Mughal Royalty as well as road-side chai. We offer a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, which we feel represents India."


Photo Source: India Circus

No-Mad 97% India

Shop No-Mad.

The second I saw this, I knew this had to be part of my collection. A new kind of luxury. Handmade by artisans in India, even stitched "one dot a time", with no two pieces having the exact same motif. No-Mad is inspired by culture and design from around the world, and combines this with Indian handicrafts to create their unique pieces. That's why they say: 97% India, 3% Elsewhere. Their concept centres around Daydream, taking the time and slowing down.

"A return to sources and traditions. In India we live near the floor, we like to sit cross-legged, rest on a charpaï. Surrounded by textiles, enjoying a cup of good tea and escape to the delicious strolling areas, dreams, wellness… We take time to live and to listen to ourselves."


Photo Source: No-Mad India

Sahil & Sarthak

Shop Sahil & Sarthak

Beautiful Indian design, handmade by artisans and made from up-cycled materials! Yes, products made from leftover materials - elements which are given a second life. Therefore, no piece (in design and colour) is exactly the same. It's all about creating contemporary design whilst preserving local traditions and craftsmanship.

In their own words "Buying our Katran products, won't save the world, but it is a step in the right direction."

Photo Source: Sahil & Sarthak

Enjoy the Flavour of Indian Design

I want you to create YOUR own style. There is no need to box yourself into one particular style or even name it...well except the Chutney Style ;). You won't know what you have liked till you have tried it. Try combining patterns, styles, designs, colours that you normally wouldn't. If you need help, don't forget the free WhatsApp style advice.

Look forward to your virtual visits at Chutney on www.houseofchutney.com


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