Unique Brands from India for your Home & Interiors

The Brands

All the brands are designed and made in India.

The aim is to find and bring exclusive design from India. Each brand has something unique about it:

  • are Indian yet contemporary
  • have their own distinct style
  • use different productions techniques
  • though different from each other, also complement each other and can be styled together

The brands featured on Chutney are:

FAIR: all the brands believe in 'fair trade & labour laws'. Which means they treat employees fairly, fair pay, no child labour, etc.

Some of these are also HANDMADE: by local artisans ('Karigars') in villages, using traditional Indian techniques in a new way or with new designs

A few of these are also SUSTAINABLE: made from up-cycled material

We have grown to 4 brands and will keep searching and adding more unique, contemporary design from India. 

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