Langur Cushion Cover


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  • Lovingly handprinted, the Langur cushion cover illustrates the ubiquitous gangs of monkeys that live in the forests of central India. Finished with green leopard print piping, it can be used from both sides, with the reverse illustrating the leaves that fall when they energetically leap between the branches.

    From the Tiger Safari Collection. Inspired by adventures on safari in the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh, central India. At dawn and dusk, tourists in jeeps and on elephants set out to spot the big cats. Exploring the gently rolling forest, dense jungle, grassy meadows and waterholes they listen for calls, track footprints along the trails, and wait patiently for nature to reveal the elusive tiger to make their lucky day.

    The Tiger Safari collection captures Safomasi's experience on safari and features vibrant illustrations of animals, forest landscapes and a wild mix of camouflage, tiger stripes and leopard spots.

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